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Why Go Solar?

30% tax credit is available to any homeowner that decides to have solar panels installed on their home before the end of 3034

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What About Financing?

We offer a range of financing options. With multiple options, you may be able to receive a brand-new installation for $0 upfront

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What's the Process?

A friendly chat with an U.S. Energy Solutions representative will help you determine if solar is a good match for your home. 

About U.S. Energy Solutions

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Our Mission Statement

U.S. Energy Solutions of Georgia operates with one singular mission, to make sustainable energy accessible and affordable for everyone. U.S.E is dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience from start to finish. We observed what was happening in the industry and knew we could provide a better solar solution for all our neighbors here in Georgia.

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TrustDale Partner

U.S. Energy Solutions is a partner with TrustDALE.
We are proud to be backed by The TrustDALE $10,000 Make It Right Guarantee™

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Approved Contractors

We are a Cobb EMC Solar approved contractor.
Click on the button then "Solar" to view our approved status.

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NABCEP Certified

We are NABCEP certified.
Read more about what it means to be certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners


BBB Accredited Business

U.S. Energy Solutions is a BBB Accredited Business.
The BBB is an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other and where there is a community of trustworthy businesses and charities.

What is the Solar Process?

Step One
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Find Out Your Solar Options

A friendly chat with an U.S. Energy Solutions representative will help you determine if solar is a good match for your home. Your questions will be answered, and you'll learn exactly what solar options are available to you. Our team is ready to work with you every step of the way.

Step Two
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Premium Solar, Beautifully Designed

Our engineering team designs a solar system unique to your home and specific energy needs. Only premium solar equipment is used to ensure maximum output and efficiency. Every step of the process is performed by our in-house solar professionals..

Step Three
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Design Approval & Permitting

We'll walk you through your custom system design to ensure you're in love with it. We will explain the premium equipment being used, and our permitting team will work with your city to prepare your home for installation.

The Benefits of Going Solar

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    30% tax credit is available to any homeowner that decides to have solar panels installed on their home before the end of 2022

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    The average residential solar system offsets about 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide in 20 years – the equivalent of driving a car for 100,000 miles

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    According to a recent report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average monthly energy bill in Georgia is $126.38, which is $14.71 above the national average

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    The SEIA ranks Georgia the 5th in the nation for solar power

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    Georgia has more than the average days of sunshine in the nation. With an average of 217 days

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    In a report from the Appraisal Journal, your home's value will increase by $20 for every $1 saved annually on your electric bills.

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    According to the EIA, the average yearly electricity consumption for homeowners is 10,649 kilowatt hours (kWh), or an average of about 877 kWh per month

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    In the U.S., the average electricity rate is 13.19 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) (as of February 2021)

A Worry Free Installation

At U.S. Energy Solutions we promise a hassle free, peak performance, 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer a 10 year labor warranty in addition to all the product warranties which range by manufacturer.
Our ethos is to provide an excellent customer experience from start to finish.


Labor Warranty


Satisfaction Guarantee


Hassle Free

we'll keep the light on

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Protect yourself against power outages

Solar batteries are a great investment and, even better, the cost of solar batteries has decreased by 90%. Affordable, energy independence is what makes a solar battery a great option for so many people. And with statewide net metering in Georgia, you’ll experience even more savings with credits toward future energy bills.

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    The sun produces enough energy every second to cover earth’s needs for 500,000 years

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    One hour of sunlight is equivalent to one year’s worth of energy for the planet

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    The price of solar has fallen over 70% since 2010

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    40% of total U.S. electricity could be supplied by solar on rooftops alone

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    Solar energy users save up to 35 tons of carbon dioxide and 75 million barrels of oil each year

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    Most solar panels have 20-year warranties, but many of the earliest-installed panels are still working 40 years later at 80% efficiency or more

Get Started Now!

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free solar estimates

If you’re ready to make the switch to solar, get a free quote and a free consultation to discover all your options. We handle every detail of your switch to solar- from start to finish. It’s the details that make all the difference. From your custom designed system using the highest quality equipment, our in-house teams and our dedicated support staff, U.S. Energy Solutions is with you every step of the way.

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